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It's amazing how significant of a factor sound can play in defining your business. Every industry is effected by its space's acoustics, yet so often buildings are designed and projects are completed with no consideration of how it may sound.

Busy, chic restaurants become unbearable when you can't clearly hear the person you're sitting with. Business offices become distracting and unproductive when noise pollution make it difficult to focus. The list goes on.

Our mission at Gaus Acoustics is to bring awareness to the importance of proper noise control in architectural design. We want to raise the standard of building design by helping business owners, architects, designers and developers create a visual and auditory atmosphere that fits their needs.

What We Do

Gaus Acoustics is the Midwest region's premier full-service Acoustics company. We partner with the most innovative acoustic product manufacturers in the industry, staying ahead of cutting edge technology and design trends.

We partner with building owners, developers, architects, interior designers, acousticians and facilities managers to both fix existing noise issues, as well as help design new spaces ensuring sound never becomes a problem.

We work as your acoustic project manager, advisor and material supplier. We put our 10+ years of sound control experience to work, prescribing solutions, designing sound control into your space, curating the materials and working with our installer partners to take your project over the line to completion.

In St. Louis, Kansas City, Outstate Missouri, Southern Illinois, and the rest of the Midwest region, Gaus Acoustics is your first call when considering acoustic solutions for your space.

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Our Partners

We curate our industry partnerships very diligently and intentionally. We only partner with the most reputable suppliers, installers, and acousticians that we know personally and have worked with successfully in the past.

We only leverage the partnerships that are absolutely necessary to achieve your acoustic goals, always keeping your budget in mind.

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