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It's amazing how significant of a factor sound can play in defining your business. Every industry is effected by its space's acoustics, yet so often buildings are designed and projects are completed with no consideration of how it may sound.

Busy, chic restaurants become unbearable when you can't clearly hear the person you're sitting with. Business offices become distracting and unproductive when noise pollution make it difficult to focus. The list goes on.

Our mission at Gaus Acoustics is to bring awareness to the importance of proper noise control in architectural design. We want to raise the standard of building design by helping business owners and developers create a visual and auditory atmosphere that fits their needs.

Our Partners

We curate our list of industry partners very diligently and intentionally. We only partner with the most reputable suppliers that have designed their solutions and equipment through extensive research and have proven their effectiveness in real world applications.

Industry leaders like Pinta Acoustic offer creative and innovative solutions that will transform your space from a chaotic, unproductive atmosphere to the optimal work, residential, or learning area.

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