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Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions from our newer clients about what exactly it is that we do.

They generally know that we are noise control experts, and that we often focus on interior design and how our solutions aesthetically fit in your space, however that’s about where their knowledge of our company ends.

And understandably so! The Acoustics industry is fairly young in the mid-west region, and when people go through a simple google search for solutions to their noise problems they are unavoidably faced with a variety of companies that all serve different functions.

For example, one type of company you may come across is an Acoustical Engineering (or Acoustician) firm.

Acoustical Engineers and Acousticians

Acousticians and Acoustical Engineers are science-based resources that use sophisticated instruments like Octave Band Analyzers and Dodecahedron Speakers to test sound frequencies, reverberation times, Db levels and more in a given space.

They are extremely thorough in their processes, and most engagements result in a lengthy, in-depth report-out of their findings along with remediation recommendations.

Their function is primarily to test a space’s acoustic footprint throughout the day or week, analyze the data, and report back what they find.

Acousticians and Acoustical Engineers are an incredible resource for projects like recording studios, performing spaces, and other facilities where sound is absolutely paramount.

These are engineers, so they make precise recommendations and often guarantee a specific level of performance for every action taken, which can be extremely valuable in certain situations.

However, for facilities like classrooms, restaurants, hospitals, business offices, churches, gymnasiums, or municipal facilities, they may offer more value than most of our clients are looking for.

Manufacturers and Distributors

On the other end of the spectrum, in your search for noise control solutions, you are almost certain to come across acoustic product manufacturers and/or distributors.

These companies make and sell sound control products that can be very effective in improving your space’s acoustics when utilized correctly.

They are absolute experts in the materials used, the manufacturing process, and all of the logistics that go into getting their materials made, delivered to a job site, and installed properly.

Even if they don’t install the materials themselves, they almost always provide detailed instructions on what equipment to use, where their product can be applied, where it can’t, and all of the important details that are necessary to a successful installation.

While Manufacturers and Distributors rarely get into the weeds of a space’s design, or the acoustical footprint of a room or a facility, they specialize in sound absorbing materials and how those materials can be applied to a room.

Their focus is on creating and selling their sound control products, keeping prices low and their operation efficient.

Where Gaus Acoustics Fits In

So now that you have a good understanding of the two major categories of acoustics companies in the Midwest region, lets take a look at where we fit in. The team at Gaus Acoustics are turn-key solutions providers. We are experts in sound management with an eye for for design.

What that means: when you call us, you’re calling a company that is dedicated to doing everything we can to solve your specific noise problem. We start with a consultation which is just a brief 30-minute conversation to get a surface-level understanding of your situation.

From there, we set up a site visit for us to assess the space, take room measurements, and gain a full understanding of the facility, your brand, and the problematic noise that inspired your outreach.

Once we have a good understanding of the problem, the interior design and color scheme of the space, our team of acoustic designers go to work!

They identify the specific spots in your room that need treatment, they prescribe the products that are necessary to get the job done, they match the product color and layout to your room’s aesthetic, and submit a full proposal.

We are unique in the industry. We have a full lineup of felt, foam, fiberglass, plaster, wood, metal, and fabric products in our arsenal to ensure that your solution fits your brand , your space’s design, and your budget.

We only work with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, so you can rest assured that your solution will be well-built and delivered on time.

If installation services are needed, we call on our installer partners who we’ve worked hand-in-hand with over the past 10 years to get the job done right every time.

We know sound, we know the science of acoustics, and we use that knowledge to design effective, visually stunning sound control solutions for your unique space. If you have a sound problem, call the experts at Gaus Acoustics for the solution you need today.