Acoustic Material Spotlight: Felt

Acoustic Felt Wall Panel
Pixel Felt Acoustic Panel Wall

When it comes to sound absorption, few materials offer the versatility, utility and performance of acoustic felt.

Sound travels in three dimensions, bouncing off walls, ceilings and floors when uncontrolled. Hard surfaces tend to extend the reach of sound, creating distracting echoes and reverberation, while certain materials, like acoustic felt, can help absorb sound.

What’s great about felt that is unique from other acoustic treatments, is that it can be applied to every surface in a given room.

That means that even if you refuse to cover up your exposed brick walls with a wall panel, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to experience constant reverberation.

There’s a felt solution for your floors and ceilings that will help mitigate the sound and have you loving your space more than ever before.

What is Acoustic Felt

Acoufelt wall
Solid Felt Acoustic Panel Wall

Acoustic Felt describes a variety of materials that are composed of compressed fibers of varying thickness, density, and composition.

The fibrous nature of felt creates pockets of air in the material that allows sound to be absorbed for a minimum NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Rating of 0.45.

Because of its versatility and advanced manufacturing processes, it often features a solid surface that can be cut or printed on to display incredible designs that fit into any space.

And best of all, Acoufelt’s acoustic panels contain 6.6 recycled plastic bottles per square foot, which makes them completely recyclable and responsibly sourced.

Acoustic Felt Applications

Wood Printed Acoustic Wall Panel
WoodBeQuiet Wood styled acoustic felt panel

Starting from the ground – Acoustic felt can be used as a carpet backer, offering nearly double the noise reduction than regular carpet. Acoustic felt is also extremely breathable, allowing for easy cleaning and moisture management. Acoufelt offers 10 different carpet styles, each coming in a variety of color combinations to fit any space.

When it comes to wall coverage, the sky really is the limit. One of the newer felt products that has been making a splash lately has been the WoodBeQuiet wall panel line that features a wood print. It can be scaled to fit any wall, offering a very clean, natural look along with strong acoustic performance.

If the wood look doesn’t go with the rest of your space, then geometric designs like the Pixel or the Fracture wall panels may be a better fit.

Acoustic Art
Acoufelt Acoustic Art Project Print

If you’re only looking at covering a small portion of your walls, then the acoustic art project may be your best option. Featuring contemporary, abstract, and fine art from artists like Alejandro Avakian, Isabella Cuccato, and Helene Hardy just to name a few, Acoufelt’s acoustic felt art project is a one of a kind solution considering both function and aesthetic.

Moving to ceilings, Felt is a common material used as lay-in ceiling tiles, hanging ceiling baffles, or even acoustic clouds.

Acoustic solutions need to look as good as they sound, and with the versatility that felt offers in terms of printing, shape, cleanability, and sustainability, there really are few materials better for mitigating sound and fitting into your space.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of sound in your space while also aligning the aesthetic with your brand, call Gaus Acoustics today. We would love to work with you!