Pinta Acoustic Foam – Sound Absorption at its Best

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If you've been following our channel over the past few weeks, months, or years, then you are likely well aware of the importance of sound absorption when it comes to improving your space's acoustics. Excessive reverberation and high decibel levels are easily two of the most common noise issues our clients face on a day-to-day basis. And when it comes to solving those problems, sound absorption is the undisputed champion.

Every square foot of sound absorption that you add to your space takes a noticeable bite out of the chaos that excessive reverberation can cause. But not all sound absorbing materials are built the same!

If you've ever toured a recording studio or really any facility that prioritizes sound quality, its almost without fail that you've seen foam acoustic treatment lining the walls and ceilings. This is no coincidence. Acoustic Foam offers unparalleled NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient), and is the most effective application for sound absorption on the market today.

Artistic Sound Control

Pinta Acoustic

And leading the charge to make the miracle of acoustic foam accessible to everyone who seeks it is an incredible company called Pinta Acoustic. Pinta's WillTec foam is a state-of-the-art material that is fiber-free and features microscopic open cells that are specifically designed to capture and absorb sound.

All of Pinta Acoustic's foam products are extremely light-weight which makes them a fan-favorite of installers and contractors, and their product catalog covers every variety of application out there: Baffles, Ceiling Tiles, Panels, Clouds, the list goes on.

Superior craftsmanship and design versatility is at the core of what sets Pinta Acoustic apart. For Interior Designers and Architects who pride themselves on creativity, one quick look through their project portfolio is all it takes to realize the limitless possibilities that are within reach. Pinta's innovative manufacturing processes open the door for design professionals to think outside of the box and bring their imagination to life.

Unique shapes encompassing everything from life-sized boulders to shoe strings, to the classic pyramid look, to something totally unique, are just scratching the surface of the design versatility that Pinta's Acoustic Foam offers.


Acoustic Foam in St. Louis and Kansas City

If the sound absorption effectiveness, unparalleled creative license, and ease of installation aren't enough to convince you that Pinta's Acoustic Foam products are the perfect solution for your space, maybe the affordability will. While you wouldn't be blamed for assuming that a product that offers more sound absorption than its competitors would come with a premium price tag, simply put, that is not the case.

As St. Louis and Kansas City's leading Acoustic Design company, Gaus Acoustics has seen every variety of sound control product out there. Pinta's acoustic foam offers the best value of performance to cost bar-none. Their cost per square foot is comparable to the antiquated fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels that dominated the market throughout the 90s and early 2000s, while offering design versatility and performance on par with the latest and greatest products on the market.

Next time you sit down to consider how to treat your facility's acoustic issues, give Gaus Acoustics a call at (314) 219-5657 and ask about Pinta Acoustic.