Sound Practices for YouTubers, Vloggers, Marketers and Content Creators

Today some of the most-watched and popular people on TV aren’t the latest sitcom stars or big movie actresses. No, today’s TVs get tuned to YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram where new stars are born and millions of views can turn a fun hobby into a full-time career of content creation!

Musicians can make it big, talkative huskies entertain, and gamers host hours of streams. But what sets the successful content creators apart from one who never seem to get off the ground? Where has the proper attention been paid to what detail that can make a big difference in the enjoyment by their viewers and followers? Considering you’re reading a blog on an Acoustics website, you may have an idea where this is going.

Poor audio and acoustic details in a recording can quickly turn entertainment into punishment on our ears, and often likes, dislikes, and subscriptions reflect this. Conversely, proper attention to audio levels, mixing, and environmental noise control can keep viewers and listeners interested enough to see where the creator is taking their topic, giving them the time and opportunity to win new subscribers and repeat listeners.


Noise Control is Key in the "New Normal"

As mind-boggling as it can be on how watching someone play their favorite video game for hours and cats “talking” to their owners is quality entertainment, we can’t deny we are in a new age of media consumption and creation. What we can do is offer quality noise solutions in visually attractive products to an industry that has absolutely exploded in the past 8 years. After all, we watch and listen to them too!

So what would an up-and-coming YouTube star or influencer need to start off? Of course the particulars are all based on their individual space, but properly placed acoustic wall panels, coupled with either portable panels or sound blankets would work nicely. This would give the creator a controlled space where noise is removed and sound clarity is established.

The portable solutions could even turn any part of a home into a recording center should you need to occupy different parts of your home or apartment at various times! Take it a step further with custom printed options to brand them for use as a backdrop
for your videos and you’re set!

What about the veteran content creator? What could we possibly offer those who already are on their game and their subscriptions and follower numbers show it? Higher quality, custom solutions is the answer here. They may very well already know what they need to create a sound-clear space to record in, but not know the sheer possibilities of custom shapes, colors, materials, and print options available to them!

Social Media

Bringing them the possibility for further channel branding, sponsorship space and modular solutions to keep their set fresh and alive are all ways we can contribute to the established content creator in ways they may not have considered or known about!

Ultimately the visual and audio entertainment of today is changing and evolving, and at Gaus Acoustics we are prepared to answer these challenges with design solutions tailored to content creators of all types.

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