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Gaus Acoustics is incredibly proud to serve as the exclusive sales representative for Acoufelt in the midwest region covering Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and more! Acoufelt is constantly pushing the envelope for acoustic products and redefining how we think about sound control.

We couldn't be happier to represent their products to the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis markets. As the producers of one of the densest acoustic felt product's on the market, Acoufelt is able to achieve unparalleled printing and cutting quality.

Their unique material provides their design teams with the ideal canvas upon which they have crafted some of the most stunning designs we've seen including their most recent development: the 1912 Collection. Where those dreadful fabric-wrapped panels once stood, now stands your favorite design element in the room thanks to Acoufelt.

St. Louis' exclusive Acoufelt Dealer - Gaus Acoustics

Acoufelt is making a big splash in the architecture and interior design markets these days, and demand for their products is understandably high. If you're interested in adding their designs to your next project in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, or Springfield markets, Gaus Acoustics should be your first call!

As an acoustic design company that specializes in making sound control fit or add to the aesthetic design of your space, we couldn't be more excited to be the exclusive provider of Acoufelt in the region. We are uniquely positioned to solve your noise issues in the most beautiful way possible.

Whether you are exclusively looking to buy the materials, or need a full design, material procurement, and install service, Gaus Acoustics is uniquely positioned to make your next project a roaring success. Reach out to us today to get started with a free consultation!

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