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When it comes to Noise Blocking Solutions, there really are no better options than sound barriers: Sound Doors, Sound Windows, Sound Encolsures, and Noise Barrier Walls. Each are specifically made to stop the transmission of sound from one space to another.

Our Sound Doors and Windows eliminate all air gaps creating a tight, soundproof seal that prevent sound from escaping a confined area. Sound Blocking Enclosures are ideal for industrial applications where specific machinery causes excessive noise that must be blocked off from the rest of the facility. Lastly Noise Barrier Walls are perfect for protecting a facility from excessive environmental noise, or keeping sound from escaping from your facility into residential or professional spaces.


Sound Doors

Sound Doors are one of the most effective solutions for stopping the transmission of sound from one space to another. While many factors contribute to sound transmission, like wall and ceiling make-up, Sound Doors are the best way to combat the otherwise inevitable transmission of sound through airgaps in your doorway.

Sound Windows

Sound Windows are an essential solution for mitigating sound transmission from one space to another or from outdoors to indoors. Noise flows like water, seeking out any nook and cranny to leak through. For that reason, doors and windows are a consistent source of sound transmission. Sound blocking windows are a sure-fire way to create a clean seal in an otherwise vulnerable area. Sound control solutions take a variety of forms, however when it comes to stopping sound from moving from one space to another, there is no replacement for quality sound barriers.

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures are an incredibly useful application for containing excessive noise stemming from a localized source. Often used in industrial environments or spaces that contain heavy machinery, these enclosures can be customized in a variety of ways from different shapes and sizes, to hard or soft sided, and more. These incredibly versatile solutions are essential for maintaining OSHA compliance and creating productive industrial and manufacturing environments.

Noise Barrier Walls

Noise Barrier Walls are a sound blocking solution that can be applied to contain sound. You may recognize them lining highways, railroad tracks, industrial plants, electrical plants or lining the rooftops of buildings. Wherever excessive sound is an issue and must be stopped before reaching residential, professional or otherwise occupied areas, barrier walls are an essential inclusion. Acoustical louver fencing and other barrier walls can be rated for wind, snow, rain and other extreme conditions to protect against the elements while still providing valuable sound mitigation.

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Noise Barriers is an industry leading Sound Door, Window, Acoustic Enclosure, and Barrier Wall manufacturer. Noise Barriers Sound Doors are often installed as a barrier between school buildings and gymnasiums, offices and warehousing, and to seal off industrial or manufacturing areas that tend to produce consistent high DB sound.

Noise Barriers manufacturers Sound Doors and Windows of every variety from traditional swing doors, to lift doors like you'd see at a garage, to sliding doors and more. They can be manual easy-open, or automatic depending on the need. In every case, Noise Barrier's solutions are incredibly effective at sealing in sound, stopping even the highest levels of sound transmission.

Best of all, most Noise Barriers Sound Doors come preassembled and ready to install upon delivery. While installing a new doorway can be an undertaking, Noise Barriers makes it as easy as possible for their clients with timely delivery and no assembly required, saving you time, money and headache.

The Enclosures are ideal for industrial environments or anywhere that heavy machinery is in use. Sound testing or isolation of high DB sound are only a few of the incredible benefits that Noise Barriers' acoustic enclosures offer.

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Application: Sound Curtains, In-plant enclosures, flexible noise barriers, industrial baffles, portable enclosures

STC: 27 - 37

Materials: Metal, Vinyl, fiberglass

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Gaus Acoustics is the leading supplier of Sound Seal Noise Barriers and Acoustical Curtains. Sound Seal offers a wide variety of solutions perfectly designed to mitigate industrial noise. From portable enclosures to flexible noise barriers, Sound Seal's products are ideal for containing excessive noise.

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