When it comes to controlling sound and fixing noise problems in a given space, we generally have six surfaces to work with. The floor, the four walls, and the ceiling are the canvasses upon which we can design. Each surface plays a different role in how we experience noise in a room.

When it comes to your floors, will every footfall be accompanied by disturbing impact noise? Will speech, mechanical sounds, and keystrokes reflect off of the floor's surface and back into the airspace, or will the floor help absorb and mitigate unwanted noise? If you choose the latter, there are two primary options at your disposal:

Acoustic Carpet

Acoufelt Monitor Acoustic Carpet
Acoufelt Scatter Acoustic Carpet
Acoufelt Urban Acoustic Carpet
Acoufelt Canyon Acoustic Carpet
Acoustic Carpet Image

Acoustic Carpeting is the ideal solution for highly reverberant spaces. Not only does it eliminate impact noise associated with footfall, but it also absorbs airborne noise thanks to its acoustically rated backing. Whether you're looking to create a more focused office environment, or just eliminate the constant clicking of shoes in a busy hallway, Acoustic Carpeting is a simple, effective solution.

Acoustic Underlayment

In spaces where carpet doesn't fit the aesthetic or cannot be installed, acoustic underlayments are a great option for eliminating impact noise, reducing sound transmission between floors, and creating a better acoustic environment. Installed under any type of flooring from hardwood to tile to carpet, acoustic underlayments are effective at controlling sound without the need to alter the aesthetic of your space.


If you are experiencing sound problems, give us a call. We provide acoustic solutions in St. Louis, MO to Indianapolis, IN, Lawrence, KS to Champaign, IL. We'd love to help you with your sound control project.

Our Brands

Acoufelt Latin Pattern Carpet
Acoufelt Urban Pattern Carpet
Acoufelt Escape Pattern Carpet

Acoufelt manufactures dyed nylon carpet that is backed by their QueitBack Acoustic Felt. With a minimum Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating of between 0.35 and 0.40 (depending on style chosen), Acoufelt's felt backed carpet delivers nearly double the acoustic performance of regular carpeting.

Not only that, every QuietBack plank or square is made of at least 85% recycled PET content. This makes them environmentally responsibly sourced and completely recyclable at the end of their life. The material is extremely breathable, making it easy to thoroughly clean, and allowing for unparalleled moisture management capabilities.

The dyed nylon finish comes in 10 different pattern options, each offering a variety of colors to fit into any space. The Canyon, Monitor, and Terra patterns come in standard 250mm x 1000mm plank cuts, while the rest of the pattern options are made in 500mm x 5000mm squares.

Gaus Acoustics is proud to rep Acoufelt's products in the Midwest market including Missouri, Kansas, and Indiana. From Indianapolis to Wichita, we are your go-to resource for Acoufelt acoustical flooring. Check out the full collection including spec sheets, installation guides, warranty and care information at Acoufelt's website at the links below.

Application: Floor Underlayments

Impact Sound Reduction (IIC): 55-60+

Materials: Rubber, Synthetic Cork, Wood, Wood Fiber, Cork

Sound Seal Synthetic Cork Underlayment
Sound Seal recycled rubber underlayment
Sound Seal Cork and Rubber Underlayment

Sound Seal manufactures Impacta acoustic underlayments for all types of flooring from hardwood to tile, stone, vinyl, and even carpet. Their Impacta Floor Underlayment are engineered to maximize the performance of the specific floor covering that it supports. Sound Seal focuses on creating high quality material that is easy to install, with most underlayments offering self-leveling up to 1/4 inch over 10 feet of space.

Whether you're looking to reduce the noise caused from footfall, or find a flooring product that won't rot or absorb moisture, Sound Seal's Impacta flooring products are a fantastic option. Few manufacturers offer the value, variety of products, or technical detail that Sound Seal does.

For Hardwood floors, they offer options ranging from synthetic cork that doesn't swell or rot, to lightweight recycled rubber that reduces sound transmission, to specially designed tongue and groove impact absorbing soft board. They even offer durable rubber sports flooring that's perfect for protecting subfloors under weight rooms, aerobics spaces or even home garages.

No matter your flooring finish choices, Sound Seal offers an Impacta Acoustic Underlayment solution that will reduce unwanted noise without adding unnecessary installation headaches. Give us here at Gaus Acoustics a call today to inquire about all of your Sound Seal samples, applications, or solutions questions!


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