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Acoustic Interior Solutions

Gaus Acoustics offers a wide variety of acoustic interior solutions made possible by their wealth of highly reputable, incredibly innovative industry partners. As thought leaders in the sound control industry, our focus is multi-faceted.

In terms of interior architecture, functionality will always be paramount, however we have yet to assess a space that we couldn't immediately enhance aesthetically and acoustically. Partners like Pinta Acoustic, Woodtrends, Kinetic Noise Control, Soundseal, and Decoustics, allow us to seamlessly adapt our solutions to your space.

For a professional, classic look with noise absorption properties, we may look at perforated wood walls or ceiling panels as a solution. For a more modern, progressive space, our SONEX linear baffles from Pinta Acoustic may be a more appropriate option, while offering sound dampening to create a more peaceful atmosphere.

And that's just the beginning. Whether you need stretched fabric walls, acoustic lighting, wall-mounted acoustic paneling, Impacta flooring, perforated gypboard, acoustic platering, or anything in between, Gaus Acoustics is fully equipped to assess feasibility, handle procurement, and even manage the installation. Our goal is to partner with you to create the ideal look, feel and sound for your space.

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