Acoustic Partitions are potentially the most versatile of all acoustic solutions. Ranging from desk dividers to 4-walled partition enclosures, to sliding and stationary room dividers, and so much more, acoustic partitions can take an incredible variety of forms. They generally offer effective sound absorption in a small, focused area.

Acoustic Room Dividers

Acoustic Room Dividers describes a broad range of tall acoustic partitions that are either free standing or mounted to both the floor and the ceiling. They can be stationary or slidable, functioning as a door or a wall if desired. We often see them made of absorptive materials like felt, but more and more with COVID-19's prevalence and the need for sanitary spaces, we are seeing plexiglass used as well.

Acoustic Room Dividers are a great solution for spaces like restaurants, business offices, hospitals, libraries and education centers where privacy is important. They offer a versatile design element as well as powerful sound control performance.

Acoustic Desk Solutions

Acoustic Desk Partitions are one of the largest growing segments of acoustic solutions on the market today. They nearly universally offer portability, privacy and hassle-free installation, while giving users the private, focused environment they need for maximum productivity.

Whether you're looking for a tool to help your students concentrate, or a way to make your open-office plan as usable as it was before the pandemic, acoustic desk dividers are an ideal solution.

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Application: Sliding Room Dividers, Stationary Room Dividers, Desk Partitions

NRC Rating: 0.45

Material: Acoustic Felt

Acoufelt Felt Desk Screen
Acoufelt Fern Stationary Room Divider
Acoufelt Sliding Screen Room Divider

Description: Acoufelt offers a wide variety of innovative acoustic pratition solutions that deliver incredible acoustic performance with limitless design potential. Their unique long-fiber material creates a fuzz-less hard surface that allows for unparalleled printing and cutting quality. Acoufelt's Screen Partitions line allows for creative, beautiful design options, and their Acoustic Desk solutions are the peak of acoustic functionality.

Made with over 6 recycled plastic bottles per square foot, this ethically sourced, totally recyclable material was designed with sustainability in mind. All of their products can be easily steam cleaned, and come with a 10 year lightfastness warranty. They come in a variety of thicknesses to fit into any space, and are class A fire rated.

Gaus Acoustics is proud to represent Acoufelt's products in the Midwest market including Missouri, Kansas and Indiana. Check out the full collection of Acoufelt wall products including spec sheets, installation guides, warranty and care information at Acoufelt's website in the links below.

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