Acoustic Wall Solutions are one of the simplest, most intuitive ways to control sound in a given space. Most acoustic wall solutions fall into three main categories:

Here at Gaus Acoustics, the Midwest region's premier acoustic supply and design company, we have curated partnerships with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to offer our clients the full range of design capabilities while also ensuring top quality performance and seamless, on-time project execution.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Wall panels are the single most commonly used interior acoustic solution. Available in designs ranging from a single rectangular panel to full wall coverage, to intricately cut shapes and designs, acoustic wall panels are one of the most versatile acoustic solutions in the market. They are normally glued or mounted to an existing wall, also making them one of the easies acoustic solutions to install.

Acoustic Plaster and Drywall

Acoustic Drywall and Acoustic Plaster are extremely effective acoustic solutions that seamlessly fit into any space. They are sound absorptive architectural solutions created as an alternative to typical drywall that tends to be highly reflective.

Often made of acoustically designed, porous or perforated materials, these wall solutions treat sound control problems at the structural level to ensure top quality performance.

Acoustic Reflectors and Diffusors

Acoustic Reflectors and Diffusers are essential on-wall acoustic solutions that control sound by reflecting or diffusing sound instead of absorbing. They are generally made of hard, reflective material like wood, and are great for evenly distributing sound throughout a room to create a lively, buzzing acoustic environment that isn't disruptive, distracting, or unpleasant.

Our Premier Partners:

Acoufelt Pixel Acoustic Panel
Acourfelt Printed Acoustic Panel
Acoufelt WoodBeQuiet Acoustic Wall Tiles

Description: Acoufelt offers a wide variety of innovative wall solutions that deliver incredible acoustic performance with limitless design potential. Their unique long-fiber material creates a fuzz-less hard surface that allows for unparalleled printing and cutting quality. Acoufelt's Printed Acoustical Panel line allows for endless design options, and their Acoustic Artwork Project series is truly one-of-a-kind.

Made with over 6 recycled plastic bottles per square foot, this ethically sourced, totally recyclable material was designed with sustainability in mind. All of their products can be easily steam cleaned, and come with a 10 year lightfastness warranty. They come in a variety of thicknesses to fit into any space, and are class A fire rated.

Gaus Acoustics is proud to represent Acoufelt's products in the Midwest market including Missouri, Kansas and Indiana. Check out the full collection of Acoufelt wall products including spec sheets, installation guides, warranty and care information at Acoufelt's website in the links below.

Application: Acoustic Wall Panels

NRC Rating: 0.35-1.05

Material: Recycled Content Polyester

Description: FSorb is a highly durable, environmentally friendly acoustic product made from up to 81% post-consumer recycled plastic polyester. Great for cutting, shaping, painting, printing and hanging, FSorb is an extremely versatile acoustical product with a Class A fire rating.

Boasting up to a 1.05 NRC, FSorb wall panels offer incredible sound absorption that can be designed into virtually any space. Intricate patterns, iconic logos, and full size images are just a few of the ways designers have implemented FSorb wall panels into their projects. And at an affordable price point, FSorb is one of the most popular acoustic products in the market today.

Gaus Acoustics is proud to offer FSorb to our clients across the Midwest. Click the link below to request samples and speak to an expert about how to apply FSorb to your space today.

Application: Wood Grill Walls, Open Cell Wood, Microperf Acoustical Board, Acoustic Reflectors

NRC: 0.85

Material: Solid Wood, Recycled Wood Fiber, Wood Veneer, Acoustic Foam Backer

Madrid Microperforated Wood Wall
Madrid Open Cell wood Wall
Madrid Wood Grille Wall

Madrid Inc is a West Coast manufacturer of acoustic wood solutions. Noted for their reflective, diffusive and absorptive capabilities, Madrid has developed a number of innovative wall and ceiling product lines that give your space that iconic look that natural wood is so widely appreciated for.

Featuring unique manufacturing techniques, Madrid is most known for their curved wood solutions that are ideal for creating the ideal acoustic environment. By adding an acoustic backer to their wood grilles, microperf acoustical boards, and open cell wood walls, Madrid has opened the door for designers to go all-in on the wood aesthetic without sacrificing sound absorption.

Check out the links to Madrid's website below to explore all of the innovative products this industry leader is creating. And give us here at Gaus Acoustics a call to see if Madrid's products are right for your space!

Pyrok Acoustic Product Manufacturer

Application: StarSilent Acoustic Plaster, Acoustement Acoustic Cement, Vogl Perforated Drywall

NRC Rating: 0.35-0.85

Material: Acoustic Drywall, Acoustic Plaster, Acoustic cement

Vogl Acoustical Drywall
StarSilent Acoustical Plaster System
Acoustement Acoustic Cement

Pyrok Incorporated is an acoustical solutions provider specializing in architectural wall and ceiling applications. They have three primary product lines: Acoustic Vogl perforated drywall, StarSilent acoustic plaster, and Acoustement which is an acoustic cement compound.

Each application comes in a variety of grades to accommodate all of your load baring, sound absorption and application thickness needs. Ranging from 0.35 all the way up to 0.85 NRC, Pyrok's architectural wall and ceiling applications are one of the best ways to seamlessly add sound control to your space without altering your space's aesthetic.

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