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Architectural Noise Separation

It's never too late to seek out sound control solutions for your space, however if controlling noise is made a priority in the initial design and construction of a building, your solution will likely cost less and can often be much more effective. Architectural noise separation flooring can be used to remove the sound of foot traffic and other structural sounds in apartment buildings, and mitigate loud impact noise in auditoriums, bowling alleys, and weight rooms.

Isolated Ceilings supported by spring wire-tie ceiling hangers can dramatically reduce the sound produced from floors above. Whether that sound is emanating from HVAC equipment, foot traffic or other normal noise sources, isolating the ceiling can defuse, deflect and reduce sound before it reaches the ears of the tenants below.

Our architectural noise separation solutions are affordable, simple to install, have undergone countless tests and have proven their effectiveness in improving the acoustics for countless use-cases. A little due diligence in the planning and construction of your project can significantly improve the end user's satisfaction, and lower costs further down the road.

Our noise separation equipment can be implemented as flooring, ceilings or walls, and often have minimal impact on the architectural planning. Our partners Kinetics, Soundseal, and Impacta, have engineered some impressive equipment that is designed to fit in with standard, everyday construction materials and processes.

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