Acoustical Assessments at Gaus Acoustics

A professional sound control Assessment from Gaus Acoustics is always the first step towards ideal acoustics. A quick phone call, email, or face-to-face meeting is all it takes for us to get an initial idea of your current situation, and provide general feedback on possible solutions that could fit your space and unique needs.

Our assessments are free of charge and totally non-obligational - meaning that if afterwards you don't wish to pursue one of our solutions, we are grateful just for the opportunity to speak with you. They are meant to be completely informational and educational for our prospective clients.

From there, if you decide to pursue one of our solutions, we can discuss next steps that fit your unique situation. Normally we recommend an in-person consultation of your space which can help us provide you with more precise estimations of materials, design, labor, and pricing options.

We partner with many of the industry leading acoustical supply manufacturers to provide our clients with the best possible price for aesthetically pleasing, effective noise management material. Our team is made up of vastly experienced architects, project managers and installation specialists, meaning that we are more than capable of designing, overseeing and implementing of all of the materials we provide.

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