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Have you ever been in a hospital waiting room and heard a patient's conversation with the intake professional in perfect clarity? How about an open office building where you have to actively try to avoid hearing employees on the phone exchanging sensitive information like financial data, performance reviews, etc.? Unfortunately situations like these pop up all the time. Sometimes they're harmless, sometimes not so much. Regardless, they shouldn't ever occur. Thanks to Cambridge Sound Masking, they don't have to!

Sound Masking is an active sound control system that uses low-voltage emitters to produce an unobtrusive sound that can be described as similar to an HVAC system kicking on. That low frequency ambient sound is normally completely unnoticeable, but it's effects are anything but.

That conversation you couldn't help but overhear from across the room is reduced to little more than muffled mumbles. That distracting coworker two desks over that is always taking personal calls throughout the day? No longer an issue. Concerned about your employees hearing you talk about the company's finances from outside of your office? Worry no more.

Sound Masking is the ultimate solution for protecting sensitive conversations, increasing productivity, and creating a focused acoustic environment that promotes undisturbed learning, healing, working and relaxing.

St. Louis' Leading Sound Masking Supplier - Gaus Acoustics

Gaus Acoustics is proud to offer Cambridge Sound Masking to our clients across the Midwest region. As a full-service sound control provider, Sound Masking is an essential value that we bring to our clients in healthcare, business, education, senior living, municipal facilities and more.

Any time we hear our clients concerned about sound transmission and speech privacy, Cambridge Sound Masking is one of our first recommendations. While it doesn't stop sound from transferring from one room to another, it significantly limits the intelligibility and overall distractive nature of that sound. If this sounds like the solution for you, give us a call! We're more than happy to assess your space, design a layout and manage the installation of your sound masking system from start to finish.

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