Gaus Acoustics is proud to be the Midwest region's premier supplier of Frasch acoustic products. From St. Louis to Kansas City, and from Springfield, to Champaign Illinois, Gaus Acoustics is your preferred resource for acquiring the innovative products coming from the innovative design team at Frasch!

Frasch! is an acoustic product designer and manufacturer specializing in acoustic felt or PET. Their products are largely composed of recycled post-consumer plastic goods that are melted down and pulled into super-fine fibers. They compress these fibers into a solid form that is ideal for absorbing sound, cutting into shapes and patters, and printing on to complete their designs.

The result is some of the most innovative acoustic products on the market today. From Wood-printed ceiling baffles, to stunning room dividers that feature creative patterned cuts, to inspiring acoustic lighting fixtures and 3D shaped acoustic wall panels, few manufacturers offer the variety and quality of solutions that Frasch! does.

St. Louis's premier Frasch! Supplier

Whether you're looking to eliminate reverberation in your facility, or add stunning design elements to spice up your space's aesthetic, Frasch deserves your attention. With a vast color palette, extensive custom design capabilities, and one of the most comprehensive catalogs of standard designer products, Frasch! is guaranteed to impress.

The team here at Gaus Acoustics is standing by to provide product information, acoustic education and best practices, samples, materials, and project management services for all Frasch products! No supplier in the region offers a more comprehensive catalog of services and solutions to go along with Frasch's materials.

Improved acoustics have been proven to have a positive effect on everything from mental wellbeing, to information retention, to productivity. If you knew that your students would achieve better grades, or your employees would get more work done, or your patients would recover more quickly, wouldn't you do whatever you could to make that happen?

If you're experiencing noise issues, Give us a call today to get started building a better space! You might be surprised how far it takes you.

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