Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise

Industrial noise accounts for a large portion of our inquiries, because the noise can be so prevalent that it simply cannot be ignored. Excess industrial noise can violate city ordinances, OSHA laws, and a number of other legal regulations - not to mention the undeniable loss of productivity and employee satisfaction as well.

Heavy duty noise producing machinery can be solved for using curtains, baffles, barriers and other dampening materials. Some of our Kinetics Noise Control solutions have been proven to lower industrial noise by over 30 decibels, and our Gaus Acoustics team has experience planning for things like ventilation, machine access, and fire protection among other factors.

We have experience dealing with legal requirements, and specialize in customizing our solutions for each of our clients' unique business needs. Whether your noise source is mechanical, plumbing or electrical in nature, Gaus Acoustics has experience solving for it and are equipped to help.

Industrial noise can be intimidating. Collaborating with Gaus Acoustics will simplify the process and ease your headache, all at an affordable price and with convenient service.

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