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For those businesses, residencies and educational facilities that hold the highest standard for their space's aesthetic, Madrid Acoustic Wood should be your first turn. While many acoustic products can be aesthetically beautiful, there's just something about wood that elevates above other materials.

Madrid Inc.'s Acoustical Wood products range from real wood reflectors and diffusers, to wood veneer absorbers and ceiling coffers, to MDF products like perforated wood panels. For architects, designers, developers and building owners, those clean, simple hard surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, brick and metal are a tried-and-true formula for attracting positive attention to their space.

The problem is, all of those hard surfaces are a NIGHTMARE for acoustics. Try getting work done or even relaxing in a space that has more than two people in it and features concrete floors, brick walls and metal ceilings. Not gunna happen! All of those hard surfaces increase reverberation and extend the distance that sound travels before becoming inaudible, creating airspace overly congested with disparate, distracting noise.

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The solution? Normally some combination of absorption and diffusion. But for architects and interior designers, that means adding those treacherous fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels or acoustic foam or felt to the space.

Gaus Acoustics has the tools to make it happen and look like those absorptive products fits right in, but too often we see treatment that is obviously a desperate attempt to treat the unbearable noise issues at any cost, aesthetics be damned. In these cases, we are so grateful to have Madrid Wood in our back pocket to come in and save the day!

Hard, clean surfaces that reduce reverb instead of amplify it? It sounds too good to be true, but Madrid Acoustic Wood products brings the ideal solution within reach. If you're in need of sound control assistance in the St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Champaign or Evansville areas, give Gaus Acoustics a call and ask if Madrid Wood Products are right for you!

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