Measurements and Design

Detailed Measurements by Gaus Acoustics

A formal survey of your space will provide us with the details we need to put together the specific designs that will achieve your acoustical goals. We offer full service measurement for the convenience of our clients and to familiarize ourselves with your space.

Every detail of your building matters, and we take the time and care to get to know every nook and cranny in order to provide you with a solution that works.

Interior Design

Innovative Design

At Gaus Acoustics, we pride ourselves on our ability to design a space that fits the identity of its occupants. Our wide range of industry partners and extensive experience in architecture and interior design allows us to provide our clients with solutions that meets their budget and exceed their expectations.

We design spaces with the noise control that you need while adding aesthetically pleasing materials and elements that fit seamlessly into your future plans or current layout.


Project Management and Installations
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