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Our Team is comprised of diversely talented individuals with a shared passion for acoustical design. Our experience ranges from interior design, to project management, to business administration. We pride ourselves on our unique fit and our ability to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each of our clients.

We are innovators at heart with a relentless drive to achieve our goal of redefining convention when it comes to architectural design.

Acoustic design is so much more than simple sound control. It's a new way to think of a space's composition in a way that makes sense functionally, while also considering visual and auditory elements.

We want to work with you! Whether you're an architect, a developer, a business owner, or just a person who wants to take control of their space's acoustics, we want to help. We have 50+ years of industry experience and we are completely dedicated to improving your life with simple solutions that won't break your budget.

Patty Gaus - Owner and Founder

Patty is the founder and fearless leader of Gaus Acoustics. She heads the sales effort, runs the day-to-day business operations, and still finds time to attend every industry event and put on educational seminars to boot.

Patty saw a massive need for sound control in the places she worked, as well as the places she visited in her free time. She started Gaus Acoustics with her husband Tom initially providing noise dampening for the HVAC products that he sold. But it didn't take long for the business to grow to meet the demand in the area and expand its services to more holistically solve it's client's acoustic problems.

If you've ever met Patty, the first thing that will strike you is her clear passion for her occupation. She is bursting with in-depth knowledge that she can't help but spread like wild fire. Check out her previous projects and you might have guessed that she has years of prior experience in Interior design. Nobody in the industry pairs the level of acoustical knowledge with an eye for room aesthetics quite like she does.

Tom Gaus - Lead Estimator, Strategic Consultant, and Owner of GausScott Co.

Gaus Scott Company

Phone: (314) 406-2379

Email: TomGaus@Gausscott.com

Tom Gaus has owned and operated GausScott company for over 20 years, guiding the company through the worst recession since The Great Depression, and bringing it out the other side stronger than ever before.

The projects that he has worked on range from Busch stadium, to Barnes Jewish Hospital, to Lambert Airport. He is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and he has been instrumental to the genesis and growth of Gaus Acoustics.

Tom prides himself on doing business the right way, and creating relationships through consistently reliable work that makes doing business with him a no-brainer. His experience providing Vibration Isolation, Seismic Restraint, and Ventilation systems is what drew him to acoustic control. He had been solving his client's mechanical and industrial sound problems for years, but

Tom enjoys attending Cardinals games with his children, and attending all of the incredible music events that St. Louis has to offer.


Andrew Gaus - Director of Business Development

Andrew is the latest Gaus family member to join the team, heading up the company's business development efforts by growing our marketing footprint, creating and strengthening business partnerships, and preaching the Gaus Acoustics story throughout the industry.

Andrew spent the first 5 years of his career at Maritz Motivation, managing client marketing efforts, developing efficient business processes, and mastering the art of human motivation. He brings those skills and so much more to the Gaus Acoustics team as he builds our brand in the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Midwest regions.

Andrew is currently engaged to his college sweetheart of +8 years, Christy Pendergast, and is looking forward to their wedding in Fall 2021. He is an avid sports fan, and has a passion for cooking and spending quality time with family.

Teammate Photo

Phone: (314) 488-5109

Email: Andrew@Gausacoustics.com

Ron Unterreiner - Business Consultant, Gaus Acoustics Advocate

Our Team - Ron

Phone: (314) 219-5657

Email: Peopleofconstruction@Gmail.com

Ron Unterreiner is an invaluable piece of the Gaus Acoustics team. Ron is officially retired after a long, storied career in the St. Louis construction industry, but someone seems to have forgotten to tell him. Ron devotes the majority of his time to consulting and mentoring the minority contracting community in the town he's served for years.

Ron has been working with Gaus Acoustics for several years to assist in the growth of our company and open doors for us that we otherwise wouldn't have known even existed. Ron is a friend to everyone, and without his influence, Gaus Acoustics wouldn't be the company it is today.

If you're looking for Ron, he can usually be found at the Trainwreck Saloon in Rock Hill, offering wisdom to all who seek it. He's an old-school folk music fanatic, and a published writer, to name just a few of his talents.

In 2014, after receiving a harrowing ALS diagnosis, he started his company People Of Construction, fearing that he only had little time to help the people he's so passionate about. Through brute strength, some alternative medicine practices, and incredible dietary scrutiny, Ron still finds a way over 6 years later to maintain his mobility, regularly traversing to every corner of St. Louis helping his friends and their businesses.

Kaitlin Miller - Senior Project Manager

Kaitlin has been organizing, growing and managing small to mid-size companies since well before she completed her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Missouri.

She joined our team and hit the ground running in our office. Kaitlin enjoys taking on multiple responsibilities while maintaining a positive work environment and experience for our clients.

Kaitlin was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to the St. Louis area before she could walk. She grew up many summers playing outside and rescuing animals. Kaitlin and her husband now live in Richmond Heights with their son and two rescue dogs.

The whole family enjoys spending time at Forest Park, hiking the local trails, practicing yoga, and camping in California every chance they get. Every year she continues to create art by donating a piece of art to the Stray Rescue Urban Wanderers art show.

Team Member - Kaitlin

Phone: (314) 219-5657

Email: Kaitlin@Gausacoustics.com

Daniel Stefl - Project Manager, Estimator, Chaos Coordinator

Our Team Member - Daniel

Phone: (314) 219-5657

Email: Daniel@Gausacoustics.com

Daniel comes to Gaus as a well-rounded team member with various years of experience in construction, project management, estimation, marketing, sales and operations.

His 24+ years of well-rounded experience brings a wide array of talents to the Gaus Team, allowing him to bring value to both the company and each client we work with.

When not working on solving the sound issues of others, Daniel prefers to spend his time writing music, playing/performing, producing, and recording music with various bands and artists around the St. Louis region.

He helps control sound during the day, while bringing it to life at night. His relationship with music allows him an intimate understanding of sound issues others deal with.

We think we have the best team in the business, and we want to work with you. Contact us today for a solution to your noise problem!

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