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Gaus Acoustics is immensely proud to serve as the exclusive supplier of Pinta Acoustics to the midwest region! Pinta is the foremost manufacturer of acoustic foam products in North America. We have yet to find any material that is more effective at absorbing sound and reducing reverberation in a space, for such an affordable price.

Pinta Acoustic is making carefully tailored sound environments accessible to all through their innovative products and efficient manufacturing processes. With their incredibly light-weight material, Pinta's products are ideal for use as ceiling baffles and wall panels. However for those designers, business owners, and architects with a creative streak - Pinta Acoustic serves as a blank canvas (or more accurately an untouched marble block).

The WillTec foam that comprises the majority of Pinta's products is produced in large 4'x4'x8' blocks. From there it can be carved down to create nearly any shape physically possible. The list of designs created range from intricately formed chandeliers to razor thin curtains used for lighting, to bundled string, to incredibly realistic pop-art recreations and everything in between.

St. Louis' Exclusive Pinta Supplier - Gaus Acoustics

Pinta is a flagship brand of Gaus Acoustics, and their products feature heavily in our catalog of successfully completed projects. From schools to corporate offices, to healthcare facilities, to fitness centers, Pinta Acoustic provides instant relief for reverberant spaces.

Pinta Acoustic is an essential part of our toolbelt, and with such a wide interest in their products, we couldn't be happier to be their exclusive representative in St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, and Springfield. If you're experiencing excessive noise issues and don't know where to turn, give our team here at Gaus Acoustics a call. We've got your back!


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