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Pinta Acoustic is one of the most innovative acoustical material developers in the industry, and we here at Gaus Acoustics are proud to be the exclusive supplier of their full selection of noise control solutions to the St. Louis, Kansas City, and the Midwest region.

Whether your space needs a ceiling solution to dampen the sound levels in your space, or an aesthetically pleasing acoustic wall to absorb excess noise pollution in your office, Pinta Acoustic has a product that will please both the ear and the eye.

After a professional diagnosis of your space's acoustic signature, Pinta's noise control solutions serve as a progressive, affordable, and visually stunning option to solve your space's unique needs.

One of the commitments that the Gaus Acoustics team makes to their clients is that we will take the time to understand your project and find a solution that fits your identity as well as your needs. Such a huge part of our ability to make that commitment, is our impressive selection of industry partners, to which Pinta is integral.

We've utilized Pinta Acoustics' noise control solutions on a number of successful projects in recent years, and without fail our clients are surprised with the immediate improvement in sound quality, as well as aesthetic. That's because they create their design through extensive research and back it up with years of experience. We're glad to partner with them in bringing improved sound to Missouri and the Midwest region.

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