Snowsound's patented composition of 100% recyclable, variable density polyester significantly optimizes room acoustics by selectively absorbing low-range, mid-range and high-range frequencies while still reflecting some of the high-range frequencies such as essential pitches in music for a balanced acoustic environment. Snowsound Acoustic Panels undergo strict Laboratory quality testing to ensure optimal performance for decreasing sound reverberations and creating a calm acoustical experience no matter the setting; whether it's an open office space, conference room, call center, restaurant, hotel, house of worship, museum gallery, concert hall, classroom, retail shop, movie theater, studio or personal residence.

Snowsound Acoustic Panels are differentiated by their colors and modern design shapes that are equal to pieces of art. The thin, contoured shape with tapered edges can be configured free-standing, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspended to complement any room aesthetic or create an elegant designer focal point. Snowsound Acoustic Panels are made with quality materials that are durable, light weight, fire resistant**, 100% recyclable and GREENGUARD Gold certified for sustainable building programs. The combination of these unique features, ease of use, installation convenience, and application versatility is why architects and interior designers prefer Snowsound.

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Snowsound technology significantly enhances an environment’s acoustics by selectively absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies and reducing unwanted reverberation.

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