Sound Masking

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Sound Masking

Effective sound masking perfectly tunes the background, ambient noise in a space to reduce the clarity and audibility of speech and other noise distractions.

Sound masking is an absolutely essential component of our solution tool belt, as it has been proven to increase productivity, reduce distractions, and protect the privacy of potentially sensitive speech. Due to HIPAA laws and regulations, proper sound masking is not only important, but legally necessary in places like hospitals, doctor's offices, court rooms, government offices, financial institutions and many office buildings that handle sensitive data.

Anywhere that privacy is expected or productivity is important, sound masking is necessary.

We source our sound masking solutions from partners that base their solutions in science and research. Suppliers like Cambridge Sound Management, Dynasound, and Biamp systems, take the time to understand the physics behind acoustics, and design solutions that are proven to work.

Our years of experience, extensive training,  and continuous education allow us to specifically tailor your space's sound to suit your business goals. Restaurants are supposed to sound alive and buzzing, but maintain a level of speech privacy at the same time. Offices must be quiet enough for maximum productivity, but not so silent that your coworkers doze off. We have the tools and systems to suit all spaces.


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